algoVita IRON + Fortifying Blood, Anti-Anemic Calcium / Magnesium, Without Constipation

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(Français) algoVita FER +

Complément alimentaire 100% naturel à base de Spiruline et Vitamine C.


algoVita IRON + is a natural food supplement rich in trace elements and minerals, mainly iron, calcium and magnesium. It has been designed to fight anemia. Thanks to its richness in spirulina, this dietary supplement makes it possible to raise the level of iron in the blood and to fill the deficiencies in minerals and trace elements.


algoVita FER + is made from natural and healthy ingredients.

Its formula contains: Spirulina & Vitamin C.

100% natural


  • Rich in minerals: Calcium & Magnesium
  • Fight against anemia
  • Blood-supportive
  • No adverse effects such as constipation

Usage Tips:

Take 4 capsules a day.

Cure of 30 days renewable if necessary.

Special Mention:

This dietary supplement should be eaten as part of a varied and balanced diet

Capacity: 120 capsules


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